Haute / Petite Incisioni Collection by Federico Peri

Events, 03/12/2020

Watch the new video featuring Federico Peri — designer of the Incisioni Collection — as he presents Haute and Petite, two new Murano glass table-lamps designed for Purho featuring different textures of engraving, banding, pleating.
Three models are available for each lamp: Silk characterized by banding running up to the slightly concave upper surface, Doll It composed of one smooth section with the other half covered by a dense knurling, Stripe covered with thick horizontal lines.
Haute and Petite form a collection of gracious lamps and unique design made even more special by the three chosen colours: crystal, smoke, rosé.


Download the press materials for the technical details and images.


Incisioni Collection – Haute – Petite – Press Kit (zip)


Incisioni Collection – Other Products – Press Kit (zip)

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